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A Minnesota Vikings player had his name misspelled on his jersey on Sunday. Seeing as how the team has players on their roster with last names like Tahi, Kleinsasser, Shiancoe, DeGeare, Favre, Guion, Onatolu, Kluwe and Loeffler, the error is understandable. Yet it wasn't any of those complexly surnamed gentleman who wore the offending jersey. That belonged to Kevin Williams(notes), he of the third-most popular last name (and easiest to spell) in the country.

Williams is an eight-year veteran who has appeared in five Pro Bowls with Minnesota. 

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But with the way "Willaims" and the Vikings defense played on Sunday, Kevin may not have minded the unintentional anonymity. Minnesota allowed 31 points in a season-killing loss to the rival Green Bay Packers

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