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Evil Rex Ryan is now lying to Jim Leonhard’s wifeGuaranteeing Super Bowl victories. Saying Mark Sanchez is an elite quarterback. Promising Katie Leonhard that her husband Jim wouldn't have to return punts. New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan will lie to anyone.

Presumably, Mrs. Leonhard didn't want her husband to take on the additional risk of injury, and Rex promised her months ago that Jim wouldn't be returning punts anymore. Until Rex decided this week that Jim Leonhard would be returning punts on Sunday. From Newsday:

"I had to go about it and say, 'Hey, have your wife call me,' " Ryan said Thursday. "It's one of those things."

Leonhard said: "My wife has let him hear it. She's let him have it a couple of times. She called him out on his lie, which is good. You have to do that, right? That's how you keep people in check."

Because of Leonhard's importance to the team and his broken leg last year, Ryan never really wanted to have him field punts again. Plus, the Jets were comfortable with rookie Jeremy Kerley there anyway. But after his muff in Sunday's win over the Redskins, Ryan decided to let the surehanded Leonhard take center stage on punt returns.

Liar, liar pants on fire.

Three others have returned punts for the Jets this season: Kerley, Antonio Cromartie and Joe McKnight. On the season, the Jets have three muffs on punt returns, which is not acceptable. One can't blame Rex for putting the muff-averse Leonhard back there, when the Jets have about zero margin for error now if they want to make the playoffs.

Katie Leonhard just happens to be collateral damage in a race for a playoff spot. Stay healthy out there, Jim.

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