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Everyone ready to move past ‘the dream team’? Didn’t think soAs it turns out, the Philadelphia Eagles are just like every other football team in the league. They have strengths, they have weaknesses, and if they want to win, they're going to have to work. This, regardless of the offseason attention they generated, has always been the case.

Michael Vick(notes) gets that. From an interview with the Eagles website:

"After being around the guys, today, I think everybody's just ready to let it all hang out," he said. "The dream team thing is over."

Two thoughts come to mind. First, there never really was a "dream team thing." Secondly, if there is a "dream team thing," we get to decide when it's over, not Michael Vick.

What the "dream team thing" really is, and all it's ever been, is something for fans and media to use to poke fun at the Eagles when they're anything (or everything) short of dominant.

Vince Young was the first to say the words, but this was created by the media. I don't believe that Vince Young(notes) meant to compare this version of the Eagles to a 1992 Olympic basketball team collection of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, etc. I just don't believe that any rational human being would draw that conclusion. I think he just meant that the Eagles had an impressive collection of talent, and that expectations were high.

But as soon as he evoked the term "dream team," everyone saw a sharp stick with which they could poke him and the Eagles, and since they're 1-3, that's what everyone's been doing. "Dream team, huh? Yeah, more like a nightmare, am I right? Huh? High-five, everybody. I'm awesome."

And that's going to keep happening until the Eagles are winning regularly, which is why, despite a dream team never existing, "the dream team thing" will never die.

Gracias, Pro Football Talk.

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