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"He's outstanding. I've never worked with a young kid that had the passion he had for evaluating talent. He had a little cubicle, almost like a closet, and he'd sit there for hours studying players. He was very bright and very opinionated. He wouldn't back down if you didn't agree with him, which was good."

That's what former NFL head coach Dick Vermeil once had to say about the fifth member of our Draft Masters podcast series — ex-NFL scout and current Sporting News and GM Jr. draft analyst Russ Lande. Lande worked for the Rams at the time, and later went to work for the Cleveland Browns, and he now rates and analyzes players with that scout's-eye view.

Because of Russ' specific expertise, I wanted to slant this podcast more to the scouting mindset, and how scouts see things differently than other types of analysts. Get ready for some very interesting opinions, and check out what Russ does at

Draft Masters Podcast #5: Russ Lande

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