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Dez Bryant's(notes) stat line from the Dallas Cowboys win over the New York Giants: three catches, 104 yards, one touchdown and one lost diamond earring.

In the fourth quarter, the Cowboys star rookie fell hard to the ground while laying out to catch a 48-yard pass from Jon Kitna(notes). When he hit the turf, both the ball and one of his two diamond earrings jarred loose.

For the first time in his brief NFL career, Bryant's confidence on the football field waned. But it wasn't because he missed the catch. It was because he lost the earring.

"I really was a little worried," Bryant said.

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I don't blame him; a big, diamond stud like that can run as much as $50,000. However, I woudn't have much sympathy for Bryant had he lost the earring. Wearing jewlery to play any sport is foolish, but wearing an expensive earring in a sport where head-on collisions are the norm is ridiculous. Bryant doesn't just wear one, mind you; he wears two, one on each ear. (Plus, doesn't it hurt your ears to have a huge earring hit the padding of the helmet?)

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Our story has a happy ending, though. As the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported, a security guard found the earring and returned it to Bryant in the locker room after the game. Bryant said he gave the security guard a "big thank you."

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That's it? C'mon Dez, least you could have done was treat the guy to dinner.

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