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After reading this George Solomon column, the magnificent Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog got curious about Dexter Manley and his extremely quotable nature in his nine-year stint ('81-'89) as a Washington Redskin. He dug up some classics. Some of my favorites:

On his fame, date unclear: "The three most famous people in this country are Michael Jackson, Prince and me."

On facing an injured Joe Montana, November, 1986: "We're not going to play patty-cake. If I get there, I'd like to ring his clock. I wouldn't want to hurt the guy. But why do you want to protect Joe Montana? If he's hurt, don't play him. If Bill Walsh doesn't want us to ring his clock, don't play him. Am I going to pass up a good lick because he's had surgery? No, I'm going to ring his clock."

On Dallas Week, December, 1987: "'It just doesn't feel the same. It seems like the town's in an uproar, I guess, because Mikhail Gorbachev is here. It's kind of slowing things down. I wish he'd get the hell out of town. The Redskins-Cowboys game is bigger than what's happening with the summit.''

On San Fran tight end Russ Francis, November, 1986: "The next time I see Russ Francis I'm going to hit him in the mouth with a baseball bat. What he did was cheap and unethical. He crossed the line and he'll pay for it."

To the best of my knowledge, Russ Francis still has all of his teeth, so I guess Manley never crossed paths with him again. I can totally see Dexter Manley, still to this day, traveling with a baseball bat at all times, just in case he runs into Russ Francis.

If Manley had come along 20 years later, he'd have been a glorious, never-ending fountain of material for blogs like this one. I'd take it the extra step and say that he'd have made a fantastic athlete blogger, except, well, he couldn't read.

And I doubt that would have read very well, unless you happen to be interested in seeing what happens when Dexter Manley sits down at a keyboard and just starts mashing keys. He'd have had to go the Gilbert Arenas route, and just talk while someone else transcribes the words, instead of the organic Chris Cooley route, doing everything himself.

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