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Already this season we've seen incidents involving a football player running into a chain gang official and security guard. Now we can add "wife of an Academy Award-winner" to that list.

Denzel Washington and his wife, Pauletta, were watching their son, J.D., play in a UFL game earlier this year. The eldest of Washington's four children is a running back for the Sacramento Mountain Lions (a team which has Daunte Culpepper(notes) as quarterback), and mom and dad were on the sidelines watching the game.

[Photos: Denzel hits the red carpet with his wife

As J.D. was sprinting to the end zone after catching a swing pass from Culpepper, his mom started running with him down the sideline. J.D. scored, but his mom wasn't so lucky, as Denzel explained to David Letterman:

Not to worry, though. Denzel reports that his wife got up quicker than the player who ran into her. Apparently, she got game.

[Photo: 'Lost' star's college football past]

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