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• We don't spend enough time here at Shutdown Corner recognizing the good, charitable things that NFL teams do, so I'd like to take a second and applaud the New England Patriots. Not only did they rescue Andrew Walter earlier in the week, but today, they also airlifted Derrick Burgess out of Oakland. They're saving lives, one at a time.

• Adam Schefter says the Patriots just barely beat the Eagles to Burgess.

• Jason Whitlock is trying one more time to get Jeff George a job in the NFL. I think it's cute. In fact, I'm thinking of picking a quarterback myself, and every six months or so, trotting out a passionate post about how he deserves to get back in the league. I'm thinking Jeff Hostetler. Any other suggestions?

• Speaking of old quarterbacks, Joe Montana says he'd be trying to get back in the league if he "could run from here to [his] front door."

• The Washington Times caught an excellent photo of that wacky Jim Zorn getting knocked down in the middle of some zany special teams hijinx.

• The most overvalued fantasy football quarterback? The Hazean says it's Philip Rivers. Maybe they're right, maybe they're wrong. All I know is that I hope someone punches The Hazean in the ribs.

• The Bleacher Report brings you their Top 10 offensive back-back players for 2009.

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