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It's probably best if you're sitting for this one. According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Pacman Jones got into a fight last night and police were called. I know, I know; I truly believed that he was going to behave this time too. I guess the seventh time isn't the charm.

From the Yahoo! Sports Ticker:

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones may have found himself in trouble once again.

The clichéd phrase for a frequent, overplayed news story is "dog bites man." It might be time to retire that saying in favor of "Pacman Jones meets with police."

According to multiple reports, Jones was involved in an altercation with his personal bodyguard late Tuesday night at the Joule Hotel in downtown Dallas.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that Jones was attending a party hosted by rapper Ludacris and got into a fight with bodyguard Tommy Jones, damaging a bathroom in the process. Police were eventually called, but reportedly no arrests were made.

If ever a greater sentence has been written in the English language, it must have been penned by Shakespeare. Just so we're clear: At a Ludacris-hosted party, Pacman got into it in a bathroom with his own bodyguard (who happens to be awesomely-named Tommy Jones). Pro Football Talk reports that the bodyguard was actually a Cowboys-issued babysitter, which completely makes sense because, why would Pacman Jones ever think he'd need a bodyguard?

The 25-year-old cornerback was just reinstated on August 26 by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell following a one-year suspension for violating the league's personal conduct policy. He has a history of legal problems - including six arrests - since entering the league as a first-round draft choice of the Tennessee Titans in 2005.

I love that the "history of legal problems" only includes six arrests, as if that's not enough. And how is Pacman only 25? Doesn't it seems like he's been getting arrested for five or six years?

Since joining the Cowboys in an April 23 trade, Jones has kept his nose clean until now. He has been a major contributor in the secondary, leading the club with 11 pass deflections.

It's never good when a wire story brags that you've been good for a little over five months. Shoot, even O.J. managed to stay out of trouble for like 12 years. And the big question remains: What does Goodell do now, if anything?

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