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HTML clipboardIn the second quarter of the ridiculously high-scoring Monday night game between the Eagles and Cowboys, Donovan McNabb found rookie wide receiver DeSean Jackson deep over the middle for a ... well, a really big gain.

McNabb probably assumed that he had done his part for a touchdown. DeSean Jackson nearly did his part, too. Until he decided that actually carrying the football across the goal line was an unnecessary formality (screen-grab courtesy of Mr. Irrelevant; Joe Sports Fan has video):

He eventually got away with it, as the ruling was that the Eagles would retain possession, and take the ball back at the 1-yard line. They scored on the next play.

That might save Jackson from going down in sports history as committing one of the all-time dumbest and costliest plays, but it doesn't excuse him. If Donovan McNabb had many other suitable options, he might be excused for never throwing the ball to DeSean Jackson again.

Update: It turns out that this wasn't Jackson's first premature TD celebration.

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