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Well, an armchair quarterback at the very least. That's the story coming out of Jacksonville and the Florida Times-Union, as the wife of Jacksonville Jaguars' actual quarterback David Garrard(notes) gave team offensive offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter and quarterbacks coach Mike Shula a few new ideas for the offensive playbook at a recent birthday party for the Garrards' son. Said David Garrard:

"I said, 'Here's a great time to tell the coaches what you've been trying to tell me.' She was laughing with them and joking with them, and they know Mary. They know how she is and the competitor she is. It was more joking than anything. She knows I like to move around and run around a little bit more. She was just saying we've got to see that some more and see you running around a little bit. Not that she was coaching up our coaches or anything."

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Through Week 5 of the 2010 season, the Jags rank 19th in Football Outsiders' passing efficiency metrics, and Garrard is 13th in quarterback rating (90.1) -- he's thrown nine touchdowns and six picks to date. He's also taken 12 sacks, which might be the real reason Mrs. Garrard wants her husband to roll out more often -- maybe he's too banged up for that Saturday "honey-do" list?

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No word on how seriously Jacksonville's coaches took the suggestions, but considering the fact that Jacksonville's offense won't rival Indy's or Houston's for overall explosiveness anytime soon, perhaps another voice would be welcome. If Mary Garrard can correctly identify "Goalline Empty Right F Short Key All Fade" or "I Right Tight Close Goalline Fake 18 HO Force QB Keep Pass Left" (she'd probably like that one, as the idea is for the quarterback to roll out), we say that it's time to give her a shot.

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