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License to complain annoyingly is hereby granted to fans of the following teams this week:

Detroit Lions. That must have been a huge disappointment to those of you who felt like Daunte Culpepper was the last piece of the puzzle missing that would've made Detroit Super Bowl contenders.

New Orleans Saints. There's no particular shame in losing to the Falcons, but that one's going to put you three full games back of Carolina for the division lead. Not an ideal position heading into Week 11.

Chicago Bears. Rex wasn't nightmarishly bad today, and that's a valiant enough effort against the undefeated Titans. But you've still got three more weeks of Rex to look forward to. That might make you sad.

Seattle Seahawks. I don't expect a lot of rants from Seahawks fans this week. You guys have already accepted what's happening, haven't you?

Buffalo Bills. While the division gets tighter and tighter and it feels like the Patriots and Jets are heading in positive directions, it feels like the Bills are sliding slowly backwards.

St. Louis Rams. Giving up 40 points in a half happens to a lot of teams. Most of them are playing Texas Tech, though.

Houston Texans. Oddly enough, this is a serious statement: Sage Rosenfels is a pretty decent quarterback when he's not throwing interceptions.

Oakland Raiders. Man, they really missed JaMarcus Russell out there today. Not in any tangible football way, but in the aftermath of the game, they can't even point at the quarterback position and say, "Hey, there's potential there!"

If you're a fan of one of he aggrieved teams above, please, don't bottle up your feelings. Let it all out here. It's a safe zone for you. Cry, whine, moan, complain, and blame anyone you want. You're among friends here. We'll feature the best rants and tirades tomorrow afternoon.

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