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Cromartie’s a better playmaker than Asomugha, says CromartieNnamdi Asomugha(notes), now a cornerback for the Philadelphia Eagles, was the New York Jets' first choice to partner up with opposite corner Darrelle Revis(notes). When Nnamdi chose Philly, that fell through, and the Jets settled for re-signing Antonio Cromartie(notes).

An unfortunate break for the Jets? Or the greatest thing to ever happen to them?

Here's how Antonio Cromartie sees it, via Rick Cimini at ESPN New York.

"My style of play and his style of play are totally different," Cromartie told "I feel I'm more of a playmaker than he is."

Cromartie's feeling pretty chuffed with himself after a two-interception game, perhaps not taking into consideration that he was playing against Luke McCown(notes). I believe that Cromartie was actually the intended receiver on about one-third of the Jaguars passing plays. The back judge left that game with three interceptions and nine passes broken up.

But, in fairness to Cromartie, he's sort of right. I guess it comes down to how you define being a playmaker. Cromartie is responsible for more big plays, in the sense that he intercepts more passes than Asomugha and might occasionally take one to the house. He also makes more plays for his opponents, taking risks and getting himself burnt with some frequency.

But if being a playmaker is more about shutting down an opposing receiver, quietly doing your job very well and being a better all-around player, then I'd have to disagree with Cromartie.

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