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I promise, Raiders fans, "most worthless" is not a qualitative judgment on my part, it's a statistical fact. Forbes ranked all NFL franchises in their total monetary value, and the Cowboys came out on on top, worth $1.65 billion. The Raiders were dead last, at $797 million.

If the NFL were a Monopoly board, the NFC East properties would all be located on the home stretch. All four NFC East teams are in the top seven, with the Cowboys and Redskins at one and two respectively, the Giants at four, and the Eagles at seven.

The NFL's poormouth division would be NFC West, with no team ranked higher than 20, and no team topping the $1 billion mark. The Seahawks are closest at number 20, with a value of $994 million. The Cardinals are 23rd, the Rams 25th, and the 49ers 27th.

For the Raiders, the Baltic Avenue of the NFL, the news gets even worse. Not only are they bringing up the rear on the current value list, they're also last on the "One-year value change" list, with their value having dropped a staggering seven percent over the last year.

It's not something that can be blamed on the nation-wide poor economy, either. Only eight teams dropped in value over the past year, with the Colts and the Lions also wallowing near the bottom at minus five percent.

Check out the entire Forbes list here.

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