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The winningest quarterback in college football history may be cut before he has a chance to take a single meaningful snap in the NFL.

Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Colt McCoy(notes) is "on the bubble" to make the team's final 53-man roster, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Coaches are reportedly more impressed with veteran newcomers Jake Delhomme(notes) and Seneca Wallace(notes), possibly leaving the third-round pick as a camp casualty.

If McCoy is cut, it would cap a stunning fall for one of the most decorated college quarterbacks in history. During his time at Texas, McCoy led the Longhorns to an NCAA-record 45 wins and set a single-season mark for completion percentage (76.7 in 2008). Before last season, many draft insiders had the QB as a top-10 pick and he was expected to contribute at the professional level.

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The transition from college greatness to pro success is no guarantee, as Jason White, Danny Wuerffel, Andre Ware and many others can attest. McCoy, however, figured to make the jump. The injury he suffered in this year's national championship derailed his start and helped drop him to 85th in the draft, so it's not like he was expected to immediately step into a starring role like top pick Sam Bradford(notes). But to be cut before his first regular season? That would be a bit of a stunner.

This is still all conjecture though. There are two preseason games left for McCoy to prove himself and I'd imagine the Cleveland QB battle is closer than the Plain Dealer lets on. Delhomme and Wallace were available this offseason for a reason, after all.

At some point, Colt McCoy will get a shot to play in the NFL. It just may not be with the Cleveland Browns. 

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