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Look out Peyton Manning(notes), there's another idiot kicker on the prowl in Indianapolis.

Colts punter Pat McAfee(notes) was arrested on Wednesday for public intoxication after going for a pre-dawn swim in a canal near some Indianapolis bars, the Associated Press reported. Police found him shirtless and wet, reeking of alcohol, with watery eyes and slurred speech. The second-year player out of West Virginia had a blood-alcohol content of 0.15.

In case all those things didn't tip off the police as to McAfee's lack of sobriety, these three incidents mentioned in the report probably did the trick.

1. When police asked McAfee how much he had to drink, he responded, "a lot, cause I'm drunk."

2. Police also asked McAfee whether he had gone swimming ("I'm not sure") and, if not, how his shirt got wet. Like Milli Vanilli, he blamed it on the rain. It was a fine strategy, except for the fact that Tuesday night/Wednesday morning in Indianapolis was perfectly clear. (It was pretty cold though; overnight lows in the city hit the low 40s.)

3. The cops were called after a woman saw a shirtless McAfee approaching her car at a red light. 

Colts president Bill Polian said the club will investigate and then discipline McAfee appropriately. We say to go easy on the kid. He wasn't driving, he wasn't fighting, he wasn't harassing; he had a few too many and decided to go for a late-night, mid-week autumn swim in a dirty, near-freezing canal. We've all been there before.

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