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Colts owner tweets about Brett Favre; please let him be kidding

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So, Peyton Manning's(notes) neck isn't healing as quickly as anticipated. The Indianapolis Colts are concerned about the possibility that he won't be ready for the start of the season. Backups Curtis Painter(notes) and Dan Orlovsky(notes) have been atrocious in the preseason. There is a future Hall of Famer in Hattiesburg, Miss., who's shown a penchant for comebacks: Brett Favre(notes).


Colts owner Jim Irsay tweeted this earlier:

Colts owner tweets about Brett Favre; please let him be kidding

The good news? I think there's a very solid chance that Irsay's joking. I don't think the Colts would sign Favre. They've never been that kind of a knee-jerk organization.

If you wanted to, though, it's not hard to find a way that it would make sense. If they happen to know that Manning's injury is more serious than anyone thinks it is, then they need someone. As a hypothetical, a season where the Colts have to go with only Painter and Orlovsky at quarterback is a lost season. Neither is good enough, and it would mean an Indianapolis season where a whole lot of talent goes wasted. Neither of those guys would get Indy to the playoffs or even .500.

But I still think he's kidding. Irsay seems to be a playful chap, and he likes the Twitter. That's how we know that the Colts are concerned about Manning, and that the Colts aren't interested in Terrelle Pryor. He also likes to tweet classic rock lyrics and various other things that seem to me like nonsense.

On Favre's end, his agent says he hasn't heard anything about the Colts being interested in Favre. But, you know, as we've seen once or twice before, Favre and his agent aren't above being a little misleading on the subject of his coming back to the NFL.

The "Brad" mentioned in the tweet, I'm guessing would be Brad Childress, the former Vikings coach who personally ushered Favre in and out of Minnesota.

I doubt there's anything to this. But we'll keep an eye on it.

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