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After Deon Grant(notes) spontaneously fell to the turf on Monday night like he'd just been hit with the clothesline from hell, Roger Goodell sent out a memo warning teams that they'd be punished for similar actions in the future. Here's how Vikings punter Chris Kluwe(notes) interpreted that memo.

Chris Kluwe spoofs Goodell’s memo on flopping

Kluwe's playing with the reputations of kickers and punters as not being real football players, but there is an argument to be made that kickers and punters are the original NFL floppers. Danks mentioned it on the podcast Wednesday: kickers and punters have been falling to the turf unnecessarily for years, hoping to get a roughing the kicker call. One recalls Joe Nedney against the Steelers in 2003.

A tip of the cap to Kluwe for the sense of humor.

Gracias, The Viking Age.

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