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I was thrilled to see that Titans running back Chris Johnson was willing to relinquish the nickname "Smash and Dash," if for no other reason than to squash the controversy between Johnson and LenDale White(notes) and their Panthers counterparts, Jonathan Stewart(notes) and DeAngelo Williams(notes). Life's too short for people to go around getting swaggerjacked.

That was not his motive, though. Johnson wants rid of the moniker because he wants his own nickname. "Every Coach's Dream" is the incredibly non-humble handle he came up with.

“Smash and Dash have had a divorce — that’s official,’’ Johnson said. “I have to be my own guy, so no more Smash and Dash, that was last year. Every Coach’s Dream, that’s me. Because they say every team has its own identity. I feel for me, I can’t be noticed as a group any more. I am my own guy.’’

Johnson announced the decision (poorly) on Twitter. He made the announcement without any input from LenDale White, who was the first to dub he and his running mate "Smash and Dash." He also Tweets that "Lendale white is upset mad he don't know to accept that we are split up." I do hate to see LenDale get upset mad.

I can't say I'm a fan of the move, either. Johnson had an incredible rookie year and certainly has the right to his own nickname, but why break up something that was so productive last year? I understand wanting your own notoriety, I'm just a tiny bit concerned about anything that's done because a guy doesn't want to share the spotlight with a teammate anymore.

Johnson and White working as a tandem works. Any indication, tiny as it may be, that Johnson isn't happy with the amount of attention he's getting for himself strikes me as just a little bit Chad Ochocinco-ish. That is not something that every coach dreams of.

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