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Chris Cooley(notes) will read your fan mail. He might do it three years after you send it, but rest assured, the Washington Redskins tight end will eventually get to your wedding invitation, autograph request or censored prison correspondence.

On his blog, The Cooley Zone, the seven-year veteran detailed how he found a batch of 1,000 pieces of fan mail in his basement and took the time to personally read each one. All were sent prior to 2009, so if you wanted Chris to come to your birthday party or asked to interview him for a school project, you're out of luck. But if you sent him a card or jersey to sign, he says it's on the way. He even sprung for the postage hikes that have been initiated in the past few years.

As someone who's awful at returning emails, I can sympathize with Cooley's procrastination in replying to snail mail. Better late than never, right?

The post is pretty funny and a good read. Check out the whole thing. In the meantime, enjoy five out-of-context quotes from the blog.

5. "If there are any Costanza envelopes I'm going to be [very upset]. Probably shouldn't have, but I licked about 300 return envelopes."

4. "Katie, would have loved to attend the princess party on 10/24/09."

3. "I don't know why I'm fascinated by inmate mail, but I think a lot of the guys are. I had a few of those letters and was a little surprised by the text being quite short. Thought they had more time on their hands."

2. "Professional football players getting naked photos in the mail is a myth."

1. "...tell your wife she looks like a slut in that Cowboys jersey."

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