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Following in the footsteps of renowned role models Mike Tyson and Stephon Marbury, the former Chad Johnson(notes) has gone and gotten himself a face tattoo. The transformation from amusing narcissist to attention-craving crackpot is now complete.

Ochocinco announced the new facial ink on Twitter and had the courtesy to post pictures of his three-part facial masterpiece.

Oh yes my friends, that's an outline of the state of Florida. The other side of his face is adorned with two crosses. And in between his eyes -- yes, in between his eyes -- are the letters "OC". Who knew Ochocinco was a fan of Mischa Barton?

Thanks, Awful Announcing

Update: So, it turns out Chad isn't in the Tyson/Starbury league quite yet. The tattoos were fake. From his suddenly-hot Twitter page:

The entire twitt world and media outlets got punked, that was my twitt joke from yesterday, they follow I'll have fun with it.

My grandma would kill me if I had damn facial tatts!!! Fun while it lasted, back to normal, I felt different to.

Alright, you got us, Ochocinco. That was pretty good. I always say that April Fool's Day is for suckers and that people should pull pranks on other, random days if they really want to trick people. Chad accomplished just that.

Although, I've gotta say, it doesn't bode well for Ochocinco's public image that nobody batted an eyelid when he said he got three tatts on his face. My BS detector would have been beeping like crazy had any other NFL player said he was getting the outline of Florida imprinted onto on his left cheek. With Ochocinco, it just seemed like the next logical step.

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