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That almost feels like an Onion headline. It's not, though ... it is truthful, and I believe it is noteworthy. I'm not the only one, either. Here's how the Bengals radio guys called the Bengals lone touchdown on Sunday

First Guy: Rolling right is Fitzpatrick. Looking to the endzone, throwing to the endzone, Touchdown, Chad Johnson!

The Other Guy: How about that?!

First Guy: His first of the year, and it's a big one. And he hands the ball to the official!

The Other Guy: And he beat Eric Wright. And the suggestion of exactly that was made by Jordan Palmer during warm-ups out there. Jordan Palmer said, 'If you score, Chad, just give the ball to the official. Old school.' Chad Johnson does exactly that.

Jordan Palmer? What is he, some kind of a faith healer? Marvin Lewis can't get him to behave, Carson Palmer can't get him to behave ... but Carson's little brother makes one little suggestion, and it breaks through all 48 layers of Chad's insanity? Is Jordan Palmer a Jedi?

I felt obligated to mention it, because I've been critical of Chad in the past, and if he had broken out some elaborate celebration while trailing in the game, and with his team at 0-3, I'd have probably called him names.

So when he does the sensible thing, I owe it to him to offer a hearty pat on the back. In fact, Chad hasn't done anything terribly insane for a couple of weeks now, and I consider that tremendous progress. I'm happy for him.

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