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The people of Buffalo must be hard-up for some heroes. Terrell Owens(notes) arrived in his new city Sunday night and was feted as a conquering hero rather than a guy who came to town because he didn't have any other options.

Buffalo, have you not seen how this movie ends? Or do you have short-term memory problems that make you forget that Terrell Owens will eventually sell-out his quarterback, drop passes over the middle and be a diva? When you watch The Godfather, do you always think, "yeah, Sonny, go get that Carlo, but pay that toll first!" and then are surprised when James Caan gets mowed down in a hail of gunfire usually not seen outside Cincinnati Bengal team outings?

VH1 had planned a small greeting for Owens' arrival (I am literally stunned that some reality TV is staged), but after his flight was delayed a few hours, more people showed up at the airport. (More video here; my favorite is the guy who says he didn't think Terell Owens walking out of an airplane terminal and into a waiting vehicle would be "this exciting." I guess after watching Bills games for a decade, there's a low threshold for excitement.)

On Monday, the new Bills receiver received a key to the city from the mayor, which is sort of like giving a key to your apartment to a girl you met at the bar last night. Owens promptly dropped the key.

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