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As promised, Brett Favre(notes) was the first guest on "Joe Buck Live" last night (though it's kind of hard to recall anything anyone said before Artie Lange lit the show on fire in the last segment), and Buck asked Favre most everything you'd have wanted him to ask. I'll try to hit the factual highlights for you, and then talk about how I interpreted things:

• When asked if he intended to play in '09, Favre replied, "Maybe."

• He confirmed that he did have surgery two-and-a-half weeks ago, and the doctor told him it would be four or five weeks before he knew if the surgery would be successful.

• He said the arm was to blame for his poor throws late in the season last year.

• He has talked to Brad Childress, but said it never went past "'Are you interested?' And vice versa."

• Childress never set any deadline for Favre to make a decision.

• Childress did want Favre to show up for the most recent set of OTAs, but Favre declined.

Now, here are a couple of other notes that might be me reading too much into things, or they might be nothing:

• Although he'd only commit to the original "maybe," Favre talked a lot about reasons why he would like to play for the Vikings (Adrian Peterson, how well he knows the offense) and didn't talk at all about reasons he might not want to play for the Vikings.

• At one point, as he was finishing a thought about the talent on the Vikings roster, he said, "We should be pretty good."

Again, the word he used was "we," as opposed to "they," and it wasn't the royal "we" that one might associate with former Deadspin editor Will Leitch.

Innocent slip on the part of Favre? Maybe. But that, along with the rest of the conversation and the amount of thought he's clearly put into it, really makes it seem like Brett Favre -- with the one caveat of arm health -- is already thinking of himself as a Viking.

The arm is the only obstacle here. The Vikings want it, it really seems like Favre wants it, and if Dr. James Andrews did what he was supposed to do, you can go ahead and start ordering your purple Favre jerseys.

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