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The streak is over. The career likely is too.

At 5:45 p.m. ET, the Minnesota Vikings released the inactive list for Monday night's game against the New York Giants. There, at the very bottom, was Brett Favre's(notes) name:

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Favre had started every game, 297 straight, since September of 1992, but the shoulder injury he suffered last Sunday against the Detroit Lions was too much to get him on the field for 298. Backup Tarvaris Jackson(notes) will replace Favre in the lineup.

We've counted out Favre countless times this season (and in the past), but this should finally do it. There are only three games left after Monday night and Favre's injury is said to be one that is slow to heal. With the Vikings out of the playoff hunt, and Jackson and interim coach Leslie Frazier auditioning for full-time gigs for 2011, there's no reason for Favre to return.

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With all that's happened to the 41-year-old quarterback this year, I'm betting that not a day is going to go by when he isn't going to regret coming back to the NFL. But, on the flip side, had he retired at the end of last season, not a day would have gone by that he wouldn't have regretted not coming back to the game.

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