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Braylon Edwards(notes) held a Dougie contest on Twitter.*  Three days before Christmas, he asked his 50,000 followers to send along their best interpretation of the popular dance with the winner to receive a signed jersey and two tickets to an upcoming New York Jets game. The Jets wide receiver chose two winners, one for dance skills and the other for "creativity." And by "creativity" he meant "the person who made the best reference to Rex Ryan's foot fetish."

Jets fan Nick Spano was the Rex-imitator and was given two tickets to Sunday's Jets game by Edwards. Say what you will about the Jets, but it's hard not to be amused by antics like this. Can you imagine, say, a Patriots player giving out tickets to the fan who best mocked Bill Belichick's love life.

Rex Ryan doesn't have a Twitter page (which is probably a good decision on his part), but I think he should create one, start a "bad decisions" contest and then award first prize to a guy with a Civil War-reenactment beard who mimics driving an SUV in Manhattan after having a few too many.  

* Three years ago this sentence would have been complete gibberish. Even now, it still sort of is.

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