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If there's an NFL lockout next year, Brandon Marshall(notes) already has plans for finding other work. The new Miami Dolphins wide receiver says he's going to play in the NBA in 2011 if the NFL season is cancelled due to a work stoppage.

Marshall divulged his plans to ESPN's Adam Schefter during a recent interview. As quarterback Chad Henne(notes) looked on in amused disbelief, Marshall said that he planned to play in the NBA if there was no football. The Denver Nuggets would be his first choice and Miami would be his second. "I'm that good," he said. "Seriously."

Schefter reports that Marshall played basketball in high school and has "frequently attended" NBA games, two things which apparently make him fit to play at the highest level of the game. You know, I play touch football every Thanksgiving and frequently attend NFL games. I wonder if I could hack it as Redskins quarterback?

Marshall does have a 37-inch vertical jump and is clearly a fantastic athlete though, so it's not preposterous that he thinks he could play in the NBA. With his ego, I'm sure Marshall thinks he could throw alley-oops to himself too. But does he have a shot at making it in the pros?

Having never seen Marshall touch a basketball, I still feel extremely confident in answering that with a decided "no." He hasn't played organized basketball since high school (which was eight years ago). By all accounts, he was merely good at basketball then, not some sort of supreme talent. You know how many great college players fail to make it in the NBA? And Brandon Marshall is supposed to come in, not having played at all in college, and be better than all those guys, plus the ones who are good enough to be at the end of a current NBA bench?

We asked our resident NBA expert, Trey Kerby of Ball Don't Lie, whether Marshall could hack it in the NBA. His response:

NFL receivers are crazy athletic, obviously. But there's a difference between NFL athletic and NBA athletic. Different muscles, different skills, different everything. Don't believe me, just ask T.O.

Terrell Owens(notes) had a failed stint in minor league basketball, as did another famous receiver, Randy Moss(notes). And Moss was Mr. Basketball in West Virginia for two years in high school and he did squat while in the basketball minor leagues back in 2001. If Moss couldn't hack it there, Brandon Marshall sure as heck isn't getting anywhere near an NBA roster.

It's too bad though. If the NFL did lockout and Marshall did sign with LeBron and the Heat, the wideout could have had a television special in which he said he was keeping his talents in South Beach. 

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