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The Chicago Bears defense put the wood to the Dallas Cowboys yesterday, intercepting Tony Romo(notes) twice and delivering some face-breaking hits in the secondary.

But what's hurting the Cowboys the most right now could be their pride. Via Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun-Times, Bears defensive back D.J. Moore(notes) said after the game that the Cowboys receivers were afraid out there.

According to Moore, the Cowboys turned into 'fraidy cats after this play.

Arms proceeded to get shorter. Said Moore:

''After that, they were looking up. They didn't even want to catch the ball.''

He called out Jason Witten(notes) specifically, too, citing an interception that came on a pass that Romo threw a bit behind Witten.

''The second one, he was pretty much just scared to get hit,'' Moore said. ''He short-handed it like he was just about to get hit.''

Linebacker Lance Briggs(notes) agreed.

''If [they're] going to catch the ball, make them pay. On some plays, you can see that came into play."

I wrote in this week's Jump to Conclusions Mat that the Cowboys either lacked mental toughness, or they've just had a few mistakes and some bad luck from which they can recover. I was leaning towards the latter. The comments from Moore and Briggs, though, seem to add a little evidence for the former.

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