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It's pretty clear at this point that the Denver Broncos are not very good at playing football. They've lost five of their last six games, including a 45-point squeaker at home against the Raiders, and an eight-point loss to the hapless 49ers in London.

As they've spiraled downward, most of the national talk about the Broncos has centered on head coach Josh McDaniels and whether or not he should be pink-slipped.

But there's another question out there, too, and you knew this one was coming: Is it time for Tim Tebow(notes) to take over as the starter?

A SportsNation poll showed that 48% of voters favored Tebow taking over as starter for Kyle Orton, and a fellow named Chris Tanaka for FOX31 sports calls for Tebow's insertion into the lineup Tuesday.

You know what? I'm all for it, too. But that's probably because I do not find the idea of the Broncos losing by 45 points every week unappealing in the least bit.

Tebow scored a touchdown last weekend, and it was really cute and everything, but we should probably also keep in mind that Josh McDaniels has yet to trust him to actually throw an NFL pass. I know Denver's only won two games, and that makes people want to see changes, but is Kyle Orton(notes) really your problem?

You can argue that Orton's numbers -- which are damn near spectacular, by the way -- are inflated because the Broncos are always trailing, and running the ball isn't really an option. But even if that's true, exactly how is Orton hurting you? He's not turning the ball over. In eight games, he's thrown five interceptions and lost two fumbles, which are acceptable numbers when you consider that no one would notice if Denver's offensive line was replaced with five signs reading, "Please, Mr. Defensive Lineman, we'd like you to slow down."

Speaking of that line, the Broncos can't run the ball, either. Ask Tebow the Magnificent himself: He's carried 10 times for a total of 26 yards. The Broncos are the worst rushing team in the league, averaging a disgusting 2.9 yards per carry.

You want to throw Tebow into that mess? Tremendous idea ... as long as you also happen to like the idea of finishing 2-14.

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