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After scoring on a fumble return in the third quarter of today's wild card playoff game, Arizona Cardinals cornerback Antrel Rolle celebrated by doing the 'dirty bird' dance, because apparently he hopped in the DeLorean and traveled back to 1998 when that might have been insulting. If his goal was to insult Jamal Anderson, mission accomplished.

When you're on the Cardinals, you really shouldn't be mocking anyone. I mean, your team needed a pool supply company to help sell out the stadium for a playoff game. You haven't ever hosted a playoff game in Arizona. And your quarterback, however excellent he may be, wears two gloves while playing indoors. Let's be careful in our glass house, Mr. Rolle.

But, hey, a blast from the past is never a bad thing. If late-90s dance crazes are the new black in terms of NFL touchdown celebrations, I'm looking forward to seeing Reggie Wayne doing the Macarena later tonight.

Rolle's touchdown put the Cards up 21-17 on the Atlanta Falcons early in the third quarter of their wild card playoff game.

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