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San Diego Chargers cornerback Antonio Cromartie was not very good in 2008. After his 10-interception sophomore season, a lot was expected of Cromartie in his second year as a starter, but he didn't produce. That is, unless you file soul-killing pass interference penalties under the category of "production."

As it turns out, he's got a pretty good excuse. He played the season with a broken hip. Hips are pretty important for cornerbacks in the NFL; almost as important as they are for Elvis impersonators, contortionists, and adult film stars. From the San Diego Union-Tribune:

Antonio Cromartie revealed yesterday he played this season with a fractured hip.

A Pro Bowl cornerback only a year ago, Cromartie said the injury, which he suffered in the second quarter of the season opener, should heal with rest and he expects to return to form.

Hell yeah,” Cromartie said when asked if he was looking forward to the offseason. “It came (too) soon, but I'm definitely looking forward to it – mostly to get my body back in shape, get back healthy and be able to play like I'm supposed to play.”

Phew. I was worried that Cromartie had just gotten horribly overrated from the gaudy numbers he put up in his first year as a starter, and 2008 sort of revealed the "real" Cromartie. In reality, his sub-par year was a combination of being overrated because of his sick 2007 numbers and a nagging injury to an important part of a corner's body.

Better luck next year, guy.

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