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And now, of course, there’s a Tim Tebow-themed beerIt's called "Tebrew" and it's going to be brought to you by Bonfire Brewing in Eagle, Colo. The company's Facebook page describes the beer thusly:

Tebrew Sunday Sipper - a barleywine from Bonfire - is almost here. In the style of 4th quarter heroics, we're waiting until the last minute to serve it up -- the moment the 10oz glasses arrive, the real games can begin. Stay tuned.

Tebrew will be good for a variety of things -- tolerating watching all that Tebowing; celebrating in victory or drowning the sorrow of a loss; dulling the pain of being the victim of a #tebowtipping. It will not, however, absolve you of any sins. In fact, it may cause you to commit many more.

The logo, as you can see, features a silhouetted gentleman Tebowing with a glass of Tebrew.

The sole ingredient of Tebrew? Water. How the water gets turned into barleywine, I'll let you figure out.

I wonder what the man himself thinks of this. Tim Tebow is a pretty sporting fellow about most things and doesn't take himself too seriously, but we've got a product here that's pretty clearly invoking his likeness, not only to make a profit, but to promote drinking, which is something Tebow doesn't do. He may end up having some kind of a legal response to this.

Of course, there's also the fact that the beer doesn't actually exist yet. Perhaps it's all just a marketing ploy to get some attention for Bonfire Brewing, in which case, hey, well done, Bonfire Brewing.

Gracias, Denver Post.

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