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When it comes to money, don't listen to Bernie Kosar. We'll get to that in a minute. But if you're about to hire an NFL coach, you might want to give Bernie your full attention.

Kosar told radio station WKNR that he advised the Browns to rehire Bill Belichick way back in 1998, and that it didn't go over so well. From

“I went to Mr. (Al) Lerner and Carmen Policy in 1998 and told them when they were talking about who should be the head coach of the new franchise, that they should hire Belichick. They laughed at me. They ridiculed me,” Kosar said.

In defense of Lerner and Policy, most anyone else probably would have done the same. Belichick had previously coached the Browns from 1991 to 1995 and compiled a 36-44 record. He had one one winning season and one playoff appearance in five years.

It would be the next team to roll the dice on Belichick that would get the payoff. Kosar wanted it to be another 'go-round with the Browns in '98, but it ended up being the Patriots in 2000. You know the story. Four Super Bowl appearances, three Super Bowl wins, six playoff appearances, a 102-42 record.

Since then, the Browns have been through four head coaches: Chris Palmer, Butch Davis, Terry Robiskie (on an interim basis), and Romeo Crennel. That group produces exactly one playoff appearance; when Davis went 9-7 in 2002. Eric Mangini takes a stab at it this year.

In other Bernie Kosar news, he just filed for bankruptcy. He's owes the Browns $1.5 million, an ex-wife named Babette $3 million, and owes a bank $9 million for real estate deals that went belly-up.

So it's been a rough go for Bernie Kosar. My guess is that he liked 1989 way better than he's enjoying 2009. Best of luck to the guy.

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