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Eight former AFL teams will wear 1960s throwback uniforms during "legacy games" in the 2009 season. Shutdown Corner takes a look back (or ahead, if you will) at those throwback jerseys in advance of the season. Today, we look at the 1961 New York Titans.

The uniforms the Jets will be sporting during "legacy games" won't be anything new or shocking to the eyeball, as the Jets have been wearing these things as "throwbacks" for the past year or two. We are already familiar with their ugly nature.

I do have one little gripe, though. The throwbacks the Jets have been wearing have the white stripes surrounding the yellow stripe on the shoulder, which were the uniforms they wore in 1962. In 1961, though, the year that the Jets are supposed to be emulating during "legacy games," there was no shoulder stripe. Just solid blue.

Dick Jamieson appears to be very happy without the stripe, while Dick Christy seems confused and upset by his stripe. I'd like to compliment the Titans' team barber for his tremendously consistent work, though.

From this image, it's kind of hard to tell if there's any shoulder striping or not. None is visible, but Rex Ryan is sort of obscuring the sleeves there.

Like I said, I think these things are ugly. It's an odd shade of blue. It's like someone once had a navy blue shirt, and then they washed it a thousand times, and took on this slight dirty tinge of brown over the years. And the yellow is a bit mustard-ish, which seems to have been the trend at the time.

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