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Eight former AFL teams will wear 1960s throwback uniforms during "legacy games" in the 2009 season. Shutdown Corner takes a look back (or ahead, if you will) at those throwback jerseys in advance of the season. Today, we look at the 1962 Kansas City Chiefs/Dallas Texans.

The Chiefs are one of two teams that'll actually be representing an era when the team was in a different city and had a different mascot (the other being the Tennessee Titans/Houston Oilers). In 1962, they were the Dallas Texans, and their uniforms looked like this.

I think it's completely messed up that the Chiefs have to wear these things when they play the Cowboys. The team from Kansas City will be wearing helmets celebrating the location of the team they're playing against. As if Cowboys fans don't think they're superior enough, now the NFL is making the opposition honor them.

Besides that, I've not no quarrel with the look. In fact, I'm very appreciative that they left the crazy, gun-toting Texas seen in the bottom-right of the football card off of the helmet. Given the NFL's issue with guns, we don't need any visual representations of a "Last Boy Scout" type of incident on the playing field.

Apart from the helmet, though, the uniform is not tremendously different than what the Chiefs are wearing right now. The yellow's downplayed a bit, and the jersey has no stripes, but those are the only big differences.

I'm still bothered that one of the games has to be against the Cowboys, though. It's not like the Cowboys can ever return the favor and dress up like the time when the Cowboys franchise was located in Kansas City. Maybe in a 2010 game, the league can get the Cowboys to wear some kind of patch promoting tourism in Kansas City. It only seems fair.

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