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The inclusion of the Iowa Barnstormers on this prestigious list can be justified with two words: Snoopy. Goggles.

If you think about all the other teams out there that are named after professions, none of them actually make the helmet look like the man is engaged in that profession. The Steelers helmet doesn't look like a hard hat with a welding shield. The Packers helmet doesn't look like the white hat this guy wears while packing meat. I don't think actual Vikings ever wore a lot of purple.

But if you look at a Barnstormer from the side, it almost does look like they're wearing their goggles up on their forehead, much like the barnstormers of ... I don't know, whenever people were flying around and storming barns. It's genius.

I mean, If Jason Berryman said he had to leave the game in the 4th quarter to go storm a barn in Spillville, Iowa, I don't think the coach would have any choice but to let him go. The people of Iowa need their air shows, and that man looks like he's ready to get in a cockpit and do some seat of the pants flying, in all its glory.

The Honorable Mentions
#11: Buffalo Bills, '65 - 73
#10: Edmonton Eskimos, '70 - Present
#9: San Diego Chargers, '61 - '73

The 7th Coolest Helmet of All-Time

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