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Today's wide receivers fashion themselves as the most stylish players in the league, but every single one of them could learn a thing or two about style from Drew Pearson. The glorious fur between Pearson's upper lip and his nose is the greatest that the wide receiver position has ever seen.

And not only that, but the noserug was merely a part of a masterful job of head-landscaping. The mustache was merely the centerpiece. It was Kool. The sideburns, the soul patch (before anyone even know to call it a soul patch), the afro, the stubble ... they were The Gang.

The Honorable Mentions
#11: Romeo Crennel
#10: Wes Welker
#9: Walter Payton
#8: Joe Namath
#7: Dave Wannstedt

#6: Cliff Harris
#5: Conrad Dobler

The 3rd Greatest Mustache in NFL History

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