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There are several things I like about Coach Crennel's mustache. First, I like the fact that it's bespeckled with a healthy dose of gray, and that he hasn't given in to the Just For Men marketing machine. He doesn't buy that his "gray facial hair has put him in a rocking chair" or that his "'stache is trash." And good for him. Gray mustaches can look very dignified, I don't care what Keith Hernandez says.

I also like that it extends out further than the perimeter of the lips, which always adds a touch of class. Just that extra half-inch says to the ladies, "No, no, darlin' ... this isn't just a mustache."

Most of all, though, Crennel is the rare guy who can add a mustache to his look, and not let it make him look either menacing, unhygienic, or like he's dealing with a pornography addiction. If anything, his stache makes him look more cuddly. If he was my grandfather, I'd crawl into his lap and stare at it while he read me bedtime stories.

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