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Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon has a new book out along with some accompanying advice.

In "Never Give Up On Your Dream: My Journey," which Moon co-authored with Don Yaeger, he details the trials and tribulations of his career. After taking the time to write his story, Moon said he thinks he would have been an even better player had he been more open and honest about his emotions at the time.

"It was really a cleansing experience for me when I was done with it because I had buried those thoughts and feelings and didn't deal with the emotions I went through when I was playing," said Moon, who was forced to play the first six years of his career in the CFL when he went undrafted coming out of Washington. "My thought was to just put my head down and move on, don't think about that stuff."

Moon, 52, is the first modern black quarterback to be selected to the Hall. He played a total of 23 years in professional football, including 10 years with the Houston Oilers, and finished his NFL career with 291 touchdown passes and 49,325 yards passing.

During his career, Moon said he would "just keep going and ignore all the things that were said, the things that the fans might yell at me when they booed, the stuff my family, my children and my wife had to hear."

Upon reflection, Moon said that "if I'd been honest at the time about how I felt, maybe I wouldn't have carried that around for my career … I felt I carried a lot of responsibility. As an African-American quarterback, that was certainly a responsibility to other black quarterbacks and to black people, in general."

"If I had let that go, it would have freed me a little more, and who knows what type of player I'd have been," he said.

Along that line, Moon tipped his cap to Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb(notes), who often has been criticized for stating his feelings so openly.

"He has, but about the only thing you can say negative about Donovan McNabb is that he hasn't won a Super Bowl. He has done everything else," Moon said.

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