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PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – Hall of Fame quarterback Len Dawson, who spent the majority of his career and retired with the Kansas City Chiefs' franchise, questioned fellow quarterback Brett Favre's(notes) desire to play for the Minnesota Vikings after Favre spent the majority of his career with the Green Bay Packers.

"I don't know why he wants to do it," Dawson said from the NFL's rookie symposium. "What has he played, 18, 19 years? He's relatively healthy. I assume he has all the money he needs. What made him what he was is what's inside him, how he loved the game. To me, he's picking some teams I don't understand.

"To be in Green Bay all those years and then go to Minnesota, that will arouse a lot of people. … This is a strong rival, not just a rival."

Dawson played the final 14 years of his 19-year career with the Chiefs (originated as the AFL's Dallas Texans), leading Kansas City to the Super Bowl IV victory in the 1969 season. When asked if he would ever have considered playing for a Chiefs rival such as the Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos or San Diego Chargers, Dawson smiled politely, shook his head and said, "No, not at all."

"I played 19 years and knew that I wasn't the same quarterback that I was early in my career," Dawson said. "You know, you may be kidding yourself a little, but you know. He's not the same quarterback he was in the past. He can't be.

"Yes [he's still a pretty good one], but that's when you're surrounded by talent. … He'll have a great running back behind him. I understand the desire to play, but hopefully he doesn't get seriously injured. … I had some great years in Kansas City and eventually you have to say, when is enough? How much is enough?"

Asked about Favre's possible desire for revenge after Green Bay essentially forced him out prior to the 2008 season, Dawson found that bewildering. In particular, Favre (pictured) was offered a large amount of money by Green Bay to remain retired, but ultimately pushed for a trade to the New York Jets.

"Why? It's a game. Why revenge? I don't know all the circumstances about what happened in Green Bay. … Look at how much money they wanted to give him to stay home," Dawson said. "A lot of money. It's not a bad offer, but he didn't need the money. There was something else and that's probably what spurred him."

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