Zoila Gurgel Wins, Admits ‘Fight Wasn't Main Card Worthy’: Fan Reaction

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Zoila Frausto Gurgel (12-1) defeated her opponent, Casey Noland (4-6) by unanimous decision at Bellator 78. The fight was contested at 125 lbs. Zoila is the Bellator champion in the 115 lbs. division.

Fight not main card worthy

As a fan, I was disappointed that Gurgel vs Noland wasn't on the televised portion of the event (shown on MTV2). But, I was glad to find the entire fight card (including the prelims) on Spike.com

Referencing the controversy surrounding her placement on the undercard, Zoila tweeted, "They were right guys @BellatorMMA That fight wasn't Main Card worthy. Talked to @BjornRebney personally and covered all loose ends to start new."

The preliminary card featured four, first-round finishes and two decisions. Zoila Gurgel vs Casey Noland starts around 01:25:00 (walk-ins), fight starts at 01:28:00.

Zoila Gurgel and ring rust

Zoila's comments from the post-fight Bellator 78 press conference: "I don't know what Jorge said. I wasn't listening, obviously...It was foreign to me. I didn't know what was going on. I really wasn't able to flip that switch...until the end of that fight...I'm looking forward to new things. There's a bunch of 125ers that I can't wait to get my hands on."

It sounds like Zoila wants to continue fighting at 125.

Bellator 78: Zoila Gurgel vs Casey Noland

Casey Noland stayed in the game against the more experienced veteran, constantly pushing forward and pressuring Gurgel. Noland landed several knees, but they weren't effective.

Zoila opened a gash on Casey's forehead after dropping a short, sharp left elbow to Noland (on her back). That cut had blood flowing late in round 3.

Zoila was apologetic to fans following the fight. She didn't feel as if she fought her best fight or demonstrated her ability to put on an exciting fight worthy of main card status.

Zoila tweeted, "Thank you everyone for your support. I won, but didn't push the pace or use all the tools I have. I got the first fight back out of the way after 20 months and a knee surgery. Now, time to put in way more work. I'm way better then the fighter I showed today. Thank you to a game tough Casey Noland for taking the fight when no one else would. Back to training. Thank you to my coaches, family, friends, and fans for all the support."

Bellator and SpikeTV

Because I got interested in the controversy surrounding Zoila's fight being placed on the undercard, I paid more attention to Bellator this week. I'm looking forward to Bellator's move to SpikeTV and to seeing how they put their reality show together.

Source: Twitter, Sherdog

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