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Zlatan fan lays down hilarious challenges in web war
Ibrahimovic: They should rename the Ballon d'Or after Messi

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Ibrahimovic: They should rename the Ballon d'Or after Messi

An avid Zlatan Ibrahimovic fan who owns the domain name has laid down a hilarious option of challenges that the Paris Saint-Germain star must complete if he wants to own the URL.

The former Barcelona and AC Milan star must complete one of the eclectic options should he want to own the URL and use as he wishes, though they are far from easy!

The anonymous fan writes on the current homepage: "When you signed in my beloved soccer club, I got the udge [sic] surprise to see that the domain name '' was available… do you believe that?! So, I rushed to book it… you know, I really didn't want anyone wicked to take advantage of your name and image.

"So now, I give you the opportunity to have it back. And for that, as you can imagine, we won’t bother with lawyers and endless procedures. Obviously it would be a waste of time and money for both of us. Instead, I got a much funnier idea. And as I am a very good guy, I let you have the choice of weapons."

The options that are offered to Ibra include a personalized PSG shirt; living with the supporter for a month; three lifetime season tickets; beating him at computer game FIFA 13 and even odder things!

A more physical option, should the Swede accept, is to beat the Parisien fanatic at Taekwondo. Or, if Ibra wants to get this over with quickly, he can choose to let the supporter slap him in the face in public!

Perhaps the simplest - and least arduous - of opportunities for Ibra to get the tickets would be the fan's final suggestion of meeting him face-to-face and asking for it in French. But where is the fun in that?!

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