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New York Yankees Offseason: Joe Girardi: A Fan's Take

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When I take a look at what the New York Yankees need to do this offseason to be successful in the future I come to one conclusion, this team needs a jolt of energy. As the debacle that was the playoffs unfolded I saw absolutely nobody getting angry or trying to rally their teammates. Instead everyone just walked solemnly back to the dugout where the equally dull Joe Girardi was waiting.

Now I don't want players bashing water coolers or anything like that, but maybe show just a little emotion. I appreciate the fact that you are acting like professionals, but you are almost taking it to the extreme. I'm not implying that players weren't trying, just that they almost didn't believe they were in the same class as the Detroit Tigers. That maybe this was somehow they way things were destined to unfold.

Girardi all the while kept a quiet hand on the sinking ship's wheel. He did get tossed out of Game 2 of the American League Championship Series when second base umpire Jeff Nelson made a bad call. I give him little credit for that because that call was so blatantly bad that if he didn't get tossed I would have demanded they check him for a pulse. Mahatma Gandhi probably would have been tossed if he was the manager.

Instead of delivering some stirring speech Girardi was busy calling the press box trying to shield Alex Rodriguez from some Bronx cheers. To me at that point in the season you need to worry more about winning games than protecting a grown man's feelings. I know Rodriguez is the fragile sort, but he shouldn't be coddled. Rodriguez doesn't deserve any special treatment. Would Girardi have done the same thing for Nick Swisher or Curtis Granderson who were just as pathetic as Rodriguez?

Joe Girardi's contract runs out after the 2013 season, but I don't see a reason to wait. This is supposed to be an offseason of change so remove the man in the dugout. Oh and I wouldn't mind a new general manager either, but we'll save that for another day. I like Girardi but the time has come for a change. Some of these veterans need a kick in the butt not a pat on it.

Darren Pare is a third generation Yankees fan. The unique thing is that he lives in the middle of Red Sox nation, Maine, and has for all his life and that gives him a different perspective. You can follow him on Twitter @dpare71 or on Facebook.

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