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New York Knicks: Time to Drop Melo

Crazy Trade Idea: Am I Going Overboard With This?

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COMMENTARY | I must warn you. Before you read this, open your mind. Light incense, turn off the TV, and reflect.

Think about a time when the New York Knicks brought you only happy thoughts -- the times when the Knicks had fewer holes than a piece of Swiss cheese. Now that your mind is in a neutral state, let's envision the future.

This future we speak of isn't quite clear. There's really no set plan past 2015 besides head rushing the big names of free agency. How about growing a big name of their own -- from the ground up. This nice-sounding option that includes batteries is unfortunately unreachable due to previous decisions from a higher-level person that does Knicks things.

But this does not mean the Knicks are banished from the draft until about the end of the decade. If willing to make it happen, the Knicks have the proper assets. Starting with one who isn't guaranteed to stay.

So let's be crazy. Carmelo Anthony announces he is leaving the Knicks for some odd reason sometime in January. Knicks fans are up in arms. The city is in turmoil. Eventually, it gets so bad that they decide to turn Manhattan into a prison and Kurt Russell is the only man who can play for the Knicks. The only right move then for the Knicks would be to trade Anthony. Reap his value and, for what it's worth to the demanding fans of New York, start over.

Trade Anthony for draft picks and a filler-player or two to a team with a first-round pick in this year's upcoming draft. If he really does desire to go west, trade him to Phoenix, perhaps. They have stockpiled many draft picks -- including four in this year's studded draft. Would giving up two for a top-three scorer in the NBA really be bad?

Even crazier, the Suns believe they can convince Anthony to stay (Charles Barkley is enthusiastic) with a young, bright team and in the same amount of time it would take to win anywhere else he goes. So they decide to offer the Knicks two first-round draft picks, Emeka Okafor's expiring contract and Goran Dragic for Anthony.

According to ESPN's trade machine, the NBA's front office has no reason to not slap this proposal with a stamp of approval. Besides the two draft picks the Suns would be willing to give the Knicks, the Knicks scored a gem in Dragic -- a point guard who has played behind Steve Nash for a good amount of time. He knows how to run an offense and aggressively looks for his own shot. Okafor would clutter the frontcourt for the remainder of the season, and like the fans, players would suffer, too. It's all part of the early stages of rebuilding. Utter mess.

However, this trade helps New York clean house fast. Not only by trading one player, but also by trading an identity away with him. Without a major star, Mike Woodson would have complete control over how his team plays, rather than adjusting to a superstar. Phoenix gets a superstar along with two high draft picks

If this were real, would you pull the trigger?

Steve has experienced all the possible feelings of an overwhelmed fan rooting for the Knicks. He has been a Knicks follower since 1999. He now attends William Paterson University and majors in Journalism. You can follow Steve on Twitter @Steve_Scafidi.

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