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New York Jets Quarterback Situation Getting Worse

Up to "90 Percent" of Teammates Think It's Time to Give Up on QB Mark Sanchez

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COMMENTARY | If you thought the New York Jets quarterback situation couldn't get any worse, brace yourself.

It's about to go nuclear.

An unnamed player told "80 to 90 percent" of the team wants to see quarterback Mark Sanchez benched in favor of someone else:

"Everyone on the team likes Mark personally," the player was quoted as saying. "[B]ut there's a general feeling among some of the players that maybe it's time to give someone else a chance."

Let that sink in for a second: Based on this unnamed source, four of the five guys blocking for Mark Sanchez don't want to be blocking for this guy.

Now, unnamed sources aren't the most reliable. It always creates animosity, those secretive "players-only" meetings where everyone comes out singing Kumbaya. And four out of five seems awfully high, even if Sanchez can't throw a spiral deeper than 12 yards down the field.

But usually there's a grain of truth in every rumor. It's not hard to imagine players grumbling after seeing turnover after turnover from the fourth year starter, seeing your team be a game away from the Super Bowl only to become the laughingstock of the league on the shoulders of one guy.

And let's face it -- The Sanchize is that guy. He had full support of the suits in Florham Park, even if he didn't have it from the jerseys in the locker room. From moving up on draft day to signing a lucrative, yet undeserved, extension before last season, Mark Sanchez has been the Golden Boy. Unfortunately, gold can tarnish.

The one thing that can overcome the rumblings is your play on the field. But even OTAs aren't being kind to Sanchez. After a dismal performance this week where Sanchez completed only 6 of 11 passes to go with three interceptions, there's no reason to expect greatness. With no defensive pass rushers, no pads and no one pushing him, Sanchez couldn't perform. Rookie Geno Smith fared no better, missing on eight of his 11 throws and tossing one to the defense.

Makes you wish for David Garrard now , doesn't it?

If these performances continue, don't be surprised if the grumblings get louder from inside the Jets' locker room. As it stands now, four out of five Jets want someone else to steer the ship.

Unfortunately, there's not another captain on board.

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