New York Jets Go 0-3 in Preseason: A Fan's View

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What is wrong with the New York Jets? They are 0-3 this preseason. While preseason win-loss records are meaningless, another statistic becomes glaringly obvious. New York has yet to score a touchdown in three games. This is a problem.

Can they score?

Nick Folk won the job as the starting place kicker. That's good, the Jets are putting up a lot of field goals. The problem is that you cannot win a game on field goals if the other team is scoring touchdowns.

I'm not sure that New York has a great red zone presence. A turnover gave them the ball on Carolina Panthers' 12 yard line. It was first and ten on the twelve. A penalty moved the ball to the seven-yard-line. First and ten on the seven, yet no touchdown. Why? The Jets cannot seem to get a receiver in the end zone who can catch a ball. Why is Plaxico Burress not on the team this year?

The big problem with the above scenario is that the starters were on the field, not the backups. Sanchez got the ball to the receivers--but they could not catch it.

In another instance, Stephen Hill had a pass bounce off his chest for a turnover. The kid has amazing speed, but if he can't catch a ball thrown right to the numbers he should be on a track team--not in the NFL. This offense is worrying me as a Jets' fan. I do not see where the team is going to suddenly improve. Either the receivers can catch or they cannot. Changing the plays around or going to a wildcat will not change this.

What works?

Replacing Wayne Hunter with Austin Howard at right tackle was the right move. Mark Sanchez did not have the same pressure from the defense as in previous games. With less pressure, Sanchez was able to move the ball down the field.

Shonn Greene showed promise in the running game. New York has to do something other than running him up the middle. Once Greene is able to get to the outside, he will be phenomenal. Greene up the middle is too predictable. They have been doing this for two seasons, everyone is on to it.

Preseason game four

Veteran starters will not play in game four. Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow have the night off as quarterbacks. We will see Matt Simms and Greg McElroy on the field. This will prove to be interesting. I do not expect New York to win the final preseason game, nor do I expect them to score a touchdown.

With rookies and backups on the field anything can happen. I hope Gang Green can get it together and put points on the board this season. This Jets' fan is getting very nervous about the upcoming season.

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Lynda Altman grew up just outside of New York City. She has been a Jets fan all of her life and hopes they have a winning season in 2012. You can contact her @LdyJetsFan on Twitter.

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