New York Giants DE Chris Canty States the Obvious in Manning-Romo Comparison

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Earlier this week, the Eli Manning-Tony Romo debate resurfaced after New York Giants defensive end Chris Canty said on ESPN Radio that Manning was "absolutely" better than Romo in a time of crisis.

Here's a quote from Canty that was pulled from said interview and featured on other sites:

"Tony Romo is a terrific quarterback, can't take that away from him. Statistically he's a top five quarterback. Eli's ability to elevate his game and elevate the play of all the guys around him in the most crucial situations in the football game I believe is the difference. That's what makes him a championship quarterback."

Which dog Canty clearly has in this race goes without saying, but we're talking about two championships over the immortal New England Patriots pair, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, versus a Wild Card playoff victory over the Philadelphia Eagles (Romo's lone postseason win) on Jan. 9, 2010.

I briefly addressed this topic months ago. In a nutshell, my argument was that, when deciding who between Manning and Romo is more clutch, you cannot, in good faith, compare a two-time Super Bowl MVP to someone sporting a 1-3 postseason record, because it's blatantly insulting to the two-time Super Bowl MVP.

To date, Romo's most memorable playoff moment directly resulted in a loss. Yes, most of you already know where I'm going with this.

On Jan. 6, 2007, Romo, serving as the holder when Dallas was about to attempt a go-ahead 19-yard field goal with 1 minute, 19 seconds left in the fourth quarter of its Wild Card game against the Seattle Seahawks at Qwest Field, fumbled the long snap, made an instant recovery and dashed toward the end zone. His run for glory, unfortunately, ended at the 2-yard line, where he was tackled.

Seattle would take over on downs, winning 21-20.

Such a defeat leaves too great a wound for gaudy regular-season statistics to heal, and watching a division rival win two Super Bowls the last four years only causes those painful playoff memories to reemerge.

And because a clutch-related comparison isn't even warranted, one is left to wonder if thoughts of Seattle were flooding Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones' mind when he publicly heaped praise on Eli Manning earlier this year.

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