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Yasiel Puig, Los Angeles Dodgers: Best Debut Week Ever?

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Yasiel Puig, Los Angeles Dodgers: Best Debut Week Ever?

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Yasiel Puig has been just what the Dodgers needed so far.

COMMENTARY | Yasiel Puig is the talk of baseball right now. That's quite the statement considering he's playing for a last-place team in the Los Angeles Dodgers (27-35, 7 1/2 games back).

Puig's debut week may not have been the best ever statistically, but it's one of the most exciting in recent memory.

He was named the National League Player of the Week by going 13-for-28 (.464) with four home runs, 10 RBIs and a ridiculous 1.447 on-base plus slugging percentage. He had a two-home run game and a grand slam.

His grand slam was particularly impressive because he hit it on a slider. That's not the impressive part. The impressive part is the fact he got his front foot down early, was able to keep his weight and hands back, exploded through the ball and drove it out to right field. That's a clear example of "80" power. He doesn't have an "80" power tool, but it's no less than a "70" at this point. That's something the Dodgers are desperately lacking.

While those numbers and that display of power are awfully impressive, his arm may have been the star of the week.

He made an amazing throw to end the first game of his MLB career. Some questioned whether he had the arm to be a full-time right fielder. Well, that throw (and a few other he made this week) pretty much answer that question. It's probably the best throw I've ever seen while watching a game.

He's brought a spark to the stadium that's been lacking since the first couple weeks of the season. The team is only 4-3 with him, but he's had an impact on nearly every game he's played thus far.

I was completely wrong when I argued prospect Joc Pederson should get the call instead of Puig. And I've probably never been happier to be wrong. With Carl Crawford and Matt Kemp on the disabled list and Andre Ethier hurting, perhaps Pederson gets the call soon.

But Puig is here to stay. Short of falling completely flat on his face, the Dodgers will have to make room for him to be a full-time player. He's that scary good.

His at-bats are Must-See TV -- something that can't be said about any Dodger hitter right now. Kemp's at-bats were on that level in 2011, but not since the days of Mike Piazza have I completely stopped what I was doing to watch this guy hit. It's amazing.

Puig is a phenom, and he is no fluke. He's the Dodgers' future -- a future that wasn't expected to be here until 2014. But here we are in June and trying to figure out how this guy is going to get on the NL All-Star team.

Puig had one of the best debut weeks ever. And he's just getting started.

Dustin Nosler has followed the Dodgers from Northern California all his life. He's the founder of Feelin' Kinda Blue, a Dodger blog. He also co-hosts "Dugout Blues," a weekly Dodger podcast. Find him on Twitter @FeelinKindaBlue.

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