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WWE Hell in a Cell Should Have More Steel Cage Matches

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COMMENTARY | WWE Hell in a Cell is a professional wrestling pay-per-view that, in theory, highlights steel cage matches.

Airing in October since 2009, Hell in a Cell should offer older fans from the Attitude Era a more violent brand of wrestling than is typically offered by the WWE in the TV-PG era. The first Hell in a Cell featured three "cell" matches. (The WWE's version of steel cage matches features the typical cage, with the top enclosed.) But the next two Hell in Cell events only had two cell matches and last year's event only had one.

Hell in a Cell 2011 was in New Orleans and I attended the WWE pay-per-view, as I do most wrestling events down here. Although I enjoyed the experience, many wrestling fans around me said they wished there were more than two Hell in a Cell matches. While I understand the WWE is not going to put Divas in Hell in a Cell matches and undercard WWE wrestlers should pay their dues to earn this match, I feel that at least half the matches should be in the cell.

Up until the October 14 edition of WWE Raw, it looked like Hell in a Cell 2013 would only have one cell match for the second year in a row. Fortunately, CM Punk's match against Ryback and Paul Heyman will now be a Hell in a Cell match, along with Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton to crown a new WWE Champion. The late change to the Punk vs. Ryback match could be a case of the WWE listening to wrestling fans' request for more Hell in a Cell matches.

Since the WWE christened its Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, this version of the steel cage match has rarely appeared on other venues. However, since 2012, regular steel cage matches and even one Hell in a Cell match (The Undertaker vs. Triple H at Wrestlemania 28) have taken place on other shows. WWE Smackdown even had a cage match within the last few months. If cage matches appear on other WWE shows, then the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view should have several cell matches to stand out from the rest.

The concepts behind this year's Hell in a Cell matches are that the cell will prevent outside interference from marring the Orton vs. Bryan WWE Championship match and Paul Heyman won't escape a beating at the hands of CM Punk. But I believe the World Heavyweight Championship match should also be Hell in a Cell. John Cena and Alberto Del Rio don't have serious heat, but the cell would help assure doubting wrestling fans that Cena is fully healed.

In 2009, Hell in Cell featured cell matches for the WWE Championship, World Heavyweight Championship, and a rivalry match between D-X and The Legacy. At a minimum, Hell in a Cell should feature a similar format in 2013, with CM Punk vs. Ryback and Paul Heyman as the rivalry match in the cell. These wrestling matches don't need to be Abdullah the Butcher-like blood baths. But several cell matches should highlight a pay-per-view of that name.

If the WWE wants to increase buyrates for Hell in a Cell, then it should add more cell matches to its October 27 pay-per-view.

Patrick Michael lives in New Orleans and has always been a big fan of pro wrestling. Patrick's favorite wrestling promotion was Mid-South Wrestling back in the 1980s. Patrick's favorite wrestling angle of all-time was the NWO and his favorite wrestler is Roddy Piper. Follow Patrick Michael on Twitter at patmichael84.

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