Can it Get Any Worse for Allmendinger? Maybe – Fan’s Take

A.J. Is Losing

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Can it Get Any Worse for Allmendinger? Maybe – Fan’s Take

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When A.J. Allmendinger was initially caught by NASCAR with a positive drug test, we were told by his spokesperson that he had "no idea" how he tested positive for a banned stimulant. Further, Allmendinger said he has "never knowingly taken any prohibited substance." Stories ran that it might have had something to do with "Power Shots" which are small but powerful bottles of energy drink from a company Allmendinger represents called 'Fuel in a Bottle'. Allmendinger also inferred that the energy drink or a supplement was to blame.

But now we're getting some of the rest of the story … and it doesn't look good.

Near future?

Allmendinger is in NASCAR's 'Road to Recovery' program and he made it appear he would be out of the program soon saying: "I have begun NASCAR's Road to Recovery program and look forward to using those resources and its completion to compete again in NASCAR in the near future." But that rosy outcome may not be the reality of the situation.

The stimulant turned out to be amphetamine. We heard from Allmendinger himself a week ago when he told the public that the drug was Adderall, which is a prescription drug usually taken for attention deficit disorder (ADD). Adderall has amphetamine in it. Allmendinger admitted a friend gave him one pill, days before the positive test to help him with a sleep problem he had.


Now a story from ESPN comes out stating that not only won't Allmendinger be coming out of his drug rehabilitation soon, but that the "one pill" story may not be possible. NASCAR has a no comment policy on drug tests so there's really no way to know what substance Allmendinger actually ingested. Whether it was one-pill is not publicly known. The ESPN story says essentially that Allmendinger's story doesn't hold water.

To be clear, Allmendinger hasn't been diagnosed with ADD and therefore doesn't have a prescription for ADD.

As a fan, I was born but not yesterday. I liked Allmendinger but clearly there is something undoubtedly not being told from Allmendinger's perspective. By happenstance, you don't take just one pill from a friend and by a stroke of bad luck, pee in a cup and blow a test. These are random tests and the chance of being caught is slim … unless the story isn't true. Or you just have really bad luck.


All of which means A.J. Allmendinger won't be getting behind the wheel anytime soon. And his fan base just shrunk some more. So you had "No idea" Allmendinger? Yes you did. All this deception and silly parsing of words, all the while telling a new story when it should have come out at the beginning has damaged any reputation Allmendinger had left.

This situation tells me one of two things. Best case scenario, either Allmendinger is a dim-wit or he's a deceptive fake. So as a fan I have one simple sentence: Good luck with the rest of your life, Mr. Allmendinger … and stay away from race tracks. Thanks.

Source - ESPN, Yahoo! Sports

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